9 Aug, 2023 · SeedHammer

Enhance QR Readability With a Marker Pen

Improve the readability of QR codes hammered into steel by applying a solid marker.

Apply a Solid Marker

Some cameras have a hard time scanning QR codes off steel - which can be due to low resolution, unsuitable focal length of the camera, or simply bad lighting conditions.

By applying a solid marker like the one we offer here the readability can be improved to same level as a paper QR.

QR before and after solid marker

About Our Solid Marker

The marker we offer is a Sakura Solid Marker which contains solidified paint in a marker form. It marks through dust, rust, water – inside or outside on smooth or rough surfaces. Dries within minutes and is permanent once dry. The resulting markings won't fade or wash off easily.

Sakura Solid Marker

How to Apply The Marker

Simply apply the marker on the desired area.

QR before and after solid marker

Wipe the excess marker off leaving only paint in the dimples of the QR. Let it dry up.

Steel plate after appliance of solid marker in QR code

Learn more about how to scan QR codes off steel in this article.