22 Feb 2024 · By SeedHammer
Corrosion Test of The SeedHammer Steel Plates
See how the SeedHammer steel plates perform in an accelerated salt fog corrosion test (ASTM B117).

28 Nov 2023 · By SeedHammer
Multisig Does Not Protect Against Weak Entropy
Read about the challenges of true randomness and how multisig doesn't guard against weak entropy sources.

15 Sep 2023 · By SeedHammer
Adjust Raspberry Pi Camera Focus
Learn how to perform a focal lens adjustment on the Raspberry Pi camera.

17 Aug 2023 · By SeedHammer
The SeedHammer Descriptor Partitioning Scheme
A technical explanation of the distribution model of descriptor parts used in SeedHammer backups to achieve wallet recovery from any given quorum combination.

09 Aug 2023 · By SeedHammer
Enhance QR Readability With a Marker Pen
Improve the readability of QR codes hammered into steel by applying a solid marker.

01 May 2023 · By SeedHammer
How to Recover From a SeedHammer Backup
Learn how to recover a backup created with SeedHammer.

07 Apr 2023 · By SeedHammer
How to Scan QR Codes off Steel Plates
Learn the technique to easily read the QR codes from the SeedHammer steel plates.

28 Feb 2023 · By SeedHammer
Steel 316
Read about the differences between ordinary stainless steel and steel 316 in relation to bitcoin cold storage backups.

27 Feb 2023 · By SeedHammer
The SeedHammer Metal Plates
Guidelines, limitations and information about the SeedHammer steel plates.

26 Feb 2023 · By SeedHammer
The SeedHammer Controller
Read about the controller, where to buy it and how to build it yourself.

25 Feb 2023 · By SeedHammer
Attack Vectors
Known security vulnerabilities to using SeedHammer.