Attitude to Privacy

A bitcoin-only company operated by a privacy-concerned team.

We believe that your privacy is a fundamental right, and we take your privacy just as seriously as our own.

This website does not track its visitors and only use cookies for the shopping cart. Note that embedded content such as tweets may track its viewers.

You only need to provide the following to order from us:

  • A Name (we recommend using a pseudonym)
  • A Phone Number our courier company can reach you on (can be a burner phone)
  • An email address (consider using a disposable email address)
  • A delivery address (we ship to Post office boxes and local parcel delivery centres)

We understand that privacy is important to our customers, which is why we delete all this data (except for the order number and order content) 4 months after dispatch.

This ensures that only information we strictly need to deliver you order is being stored and only for as long as necessary.

Payments are anonymous when using BTC on our BTC Pay Server with either a Lightning or On Chain payment option.