Steel Backup Specialized for Bitcoin Multisig Wallets

  • Self-contained: Recover with Minimum of Shares.

  • QR Codes for Easy Recovery and Air Gapped Signing.

  • Works with all signers and hardware wallets.

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Self-contained Multisig Backups

SeedHammer eliminates the need for storing a descriptor.

Without the public keys for all the seeds in a multisig wallet, you can't recover the wallet.
Other backup solutions require a separate digital or printed copy of the wallet.

By design M-of-N cosigners is enough to recover a multisig wallet backed up with SeedHammer

Recover With Minimum of Shares

The minimum amount of shares is enough to recover a multisig wallet backed up with SeedHammer.

  • Withstand damage or loss of all shares beyond the quorum.
  • Any combination of M-of-N plates contain enough data for a full recovery.
  • Fast and convenient recovery with QR codes.

No Need to Backup Wallet Descriptor

The descriptor is split into parts which are distributed among the plates in a way so any quorum can recover the wallet.

  • Perform complete recovery with the minimum number of plates.
  • No need to separately store the descriptor online, offline or alongside each physical plate.
  • Complies with multisig standards, no special tools needed for recovery.
SeedHammer eliminates the need for storing a separate wallet output descriptor in multisignature backups One side contains the seed,
the other side contains a part of the descriptor.
The SeedHammer Machine incl. Raspberry Pi (SeedSigner) running the controller software

Built for The Security Conscious

The controller software is open source and runs on the same air gapped hardware as SeedSigner.

The electric hammer is a modified off-the-shelf machine. It is stateless and contains no radio capabilities (wifi, bluetooth, etc.).

The singlesig and multisig backups are easily verifiable.

Read more in our article on attack vectors.

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