Our Goal

What we want to bring to the world. Our leading star.


Our ultimate goal is to empower everyone to self-custody their Bitcoin in an easy, convenient and secure manner.

From Seed Creation to Secure Spending

To be more specific we want to empower individuals at every stage of their Bitcoin custody journey, starting from receiving their first Bitcoin and extending all the way to spending it from a self-sovereign cold storage solution.

This journey involves several key steps, including generating a secure seed, funding a wallet, creating backups, facilitating recovery, and enabling seamless spending.

Current Focus

The part of the journey we are working on now is the backup and recovery.

We want to enable everyone to produce self-sovereign steel backups of Bitcoin wallets.

The process must be user friendly, intuitive and simple.

Recovery should be as easy as scanning a QR - and for multisig: possible with the minimum amount of shares.

The solution must be air gapped and trustless, based on open source software and robust enough to be used by anyone from sovereign individuals to nation states.