Engrave Plate

Start the engraving process.

Onscreen Instructions

Follow the onscreen instructions on the controller.

Tips shown on the bottom of the screen refers to the below section.

When all plates for the wallet have been engraved, continue to verifying the backup.

In-app Tips

1: Overview Screen

  • Make sure that the master fingerprint matches the seed you want to produce a backup for.

2: Turned Off and Disconnected

Make sure the engraver is turned off.

Turn off machine

If the device is connected to the machine disconnect it. Make sure to power the device using the outermost USB port.

Unplug device

3: Move Hammerhead

Manually move the hammerhead to the far upper left position.

Move hammerhead

4: Place Steel Plates

Make sure you place the correct steel plate (SH01, SH02 or SH03) depending on the wallet type you are engraving.

Place steel plates

Do not use any washers even though they were supplied with the machine.

5: Adjust Needle Distance

Loosen the horizontal hammerhead finger screw.

Loosen screw

Adjust the needle distance using the top wheel to approximately 1.5 mm above the plates (the thickness of 2 credit cards), ensuring it does not exceed 2.0 mm, as this can cause the needle to fail to hammer properly.

6: Tighten Finger Screw and Set Depth

Tighten the horizontal hammerhead finger screw.

Thigten screw

Make sure the depth selector is set to "Strong".

Set to Strong

7: Turn Machine On and Connect Controller Device

Turn on the engraving machine.

Turn on the SeedHammer machine

Connect this device to the engraving machine via the middle port.

Connect device

8: Start Engraving

The process is loud, use hearing protection.

When the machine hammers, excess oil can be released from the hammer head. This is normal and will stop on its own.

Residual oil

In case of emergency or unexpected engraving behaviour, press the stop-button on front of the machine.

Emergency Stop